How Often Should You Get on the Scale When You’re Trying to Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, you want to be sure that you use your scale wisely. Indeed, different doctors will tell you different things about when and how you should use your scale. Moreover, the type of diet that you are on will determine how often you will use your scale. If you are on a regimented diet, your doctor or dietician may recommend that you check the scales daily. Other doctors may tell you that checking the scales weekly is smart. It really all depends on the type of weight loss program you are on. What you don’t want to do is turn your scale into an object that becomes a part of a disorder. Eating disorders can be quite unhealthy and they can inflict a lot of psychic and physical pain. Here is how often you should get on the scale when trying to lose weight.

Some Doctors Recommend Every Day

A lot of doctors will tell you that you should step on the scale every single day. They will tell you that your scale is the most important tool you have when trying to lose weight, especially if you are trying reach weight loss goals. This because a leading digital bathroom scale will give you precise numbers that you can work with.

Once a Week is Sufficient if You are a Regular Dieter

If you are a regular dieter and you are only trying to lose a couple of pounds, you don’t have to religiously check the scales. Indeed, stepping on the scales too often in this instance may actually do more harm than good, because it could become obsessive. Once a week is an ideal frequency, because you can sort of see how a week’s worth of moderating your meals and exercise translates to the scale. You may only lose a pound, or maybe less during the course of a week, but you may not want to lose any more than that.

Only Once or Twice a Month if You are Trying to Manage

Indeed, if you are only trying to manage your diet, and you have gone through the process of daily checking, then you may only need to check your weight once or twice a month. Indeed, checking your weight every two weeks will let you stay on top of the healthy weight that you have finally reached. Sure, you may gain a pound or two, or you may lose a pound or two, but this is normal because weight fluctuates. There is no need to really worry.

Never Step on the Scale More than Once a Day

On top of everything, you don’t want to step on the scale multiple times per day. This could turn into a compulsion, which is not very good for you psychologically. The truth of the matter is that weight loss is a slow and deliberate process – not a frantic process that requires constant checks. In the end, the more regimented you are and the less compulsive you are, the better off you will be.