Makeup Shopping for the Allergic

When you are allergic, your whole world is different from everyone else’s. Where some see beautiful flowers, you see a stuffy nose. Some see a box of mystery chocolates, you see potential peanut-filled death treats. A beautiful garden filled with buzzing bees can feel like a potentially fatal trap. Even a trip to the mall can be throat-tightening uncomfortable.

When you have serious allergies, it’s normal to develop a routine slightly outside of the norm. Most people might be content to spend their Friday evenings at the mall, going for a stroll from one department store to the next. But when you have allergies, you just can’t operate like that.

Just because you have allergies does not mean you can’t get the kind of makeup you love, though. True, you might not be able to walk through department store make up sections without breaking out into hives or wheezing for air, but you can still order exactly the kind of makeup that suits you well.

By now, you know the kinds of makeup you can and cannot deal with. And that is totally fine- you do you. To make your life easier and ensure you get the makeup you want, Birchbox is offering online shopping and home delivery of all the cosmetics gear a girl could ever want. What is great about this service is that you can shop from the convenience of your phone or computer. You can shop on your commute (as long as you are not driving), while on the john (what, girls poop?), and even while tanning at the beach.

Even more important than the convenience of course is the fact that shopping is no longer a potentially fatal experience for you. Avoid all of the cosmetic gear that you are allergic to and simply purchase what works for you by shopping online through Birchbox. When you’ve ordered what you want, kickback and your new cosmetic gear will arrive at your doorstep, without ever having to put yourself in peril to look good.