6 Reasons People Laugh about Your Content Writing

Even the mightiest freelance content writers can make mistakes. Most of them originate from lack of rewriting and editing yourself, sometimes time is the limiting factor and you can’t rework your articles to make them streamline and perfect. There are many tools present which can guide you to avoid making small mistakes such as Grammarly, Paper Rater, and Hemingway App. Now there are some common mistakes which one can be aware of and avoid them completely –


  • Being Repetitive. This is one of the most frowned upon mistakes of content writing. Delivering the same idea, again and again, should be totally avoided.
  • Not paying attention to the target audience. After studying the subject we must also pay attention to whom we will write the article for. If you are writing for a novice then the article may be more basic with lesser technical terms but writing for advanced readers one must deliver more detailed and technical content, here you can overlook some of the basic ideas and proceed to more complex ones.
  • Not using SEO to full. Every article will have some keyword requirements which need to be placed in the article. Sometimes clients can be more specific and even give you a keyword density of the words. As a content writer for online space, you will need to come up with using these words in the right manner.
  • Not doing an adequate amount of research. Research is the main clay through which you are going to mould your articles. Being a freelance writer you must put in the extra effort to find interesting points about the subject. Elaborating only a few points in content writing makes the article uninteresting, also there are high chances that there are other articles written on the same topic as well so you must bring in something more to make it stand out.
  • Not thinking of a structure when you write your articles. A good content writer will always keep an outline of the article in mind which will make it comprehensive. At a lower level, a content writer should also have a good command of writing adequate length for sentences and paragraphs. Short sentences which are to the point are easy to understand and dividing different ideas into paragraphs makes the article clear. Avoid writing long sentences and long paragraphs.
  • Writing too fast. Typing too fast can lead to many mistakes and write too slow can make the content too static. One must find the right balance of speed and thinking so that you can avoid simple mistakes of repetition, incorrect grammar, and bad structuring.