Vaping Basics: What is a Mod?

For those of you who are just beginning to get into vaping, and are hearing terms like mods, APVs, and custom vapes, you should first know what these are before aiming to get one. It is strongly advised that those who are new to this hobby learn more about mods and how to use them since these do not usually have the safety features that vapekits come with.

What exactly is a mod? If you ask different people this question, it is very likely you will get a variety of answers. This is because the term is rather broad considering that it is just a shortened version of the word “modify”, which generally means any vaping device that has been modified or customized to fit the user’s requirements. People who are into mods often refer to these as mechanical mods, primarily because these do not have the usual electronics and circuitry that regular vape pens come with.

A mechanical mod can come in virtually any shape or size, but is usually composed of parts that include a tube that can hold the battery, an atomizer, and a button that is used to send a current from the battery to the atomizer. The reason why many veteran vapers discourage newbies from going for mods at the very start is because of the fact that these use unregulated currents to power up the coils that create the vapor.

The danger of having a mod when you are new at vaping is the possibility of short circuits, which in turn can cause your vape to overheat and even catch fire. There is also the possibility of a mod exploding if the battery overheats and cannot release any of that heat effectively due to the tight casing it is in. This is why the use of mods is usually discouraged when someone is new to vaping, and is relegated to those who have been into the hobby for some time.

Why Some People Upgrade to Mods

Those who have been into vaping for a while and have learned how to safely construct mods for their use often choose to use mechanical mods for various reasons. Aside from the fact that you can customize your vape according to your whims, you can also enjoy more vaporand flavorfrom it, use custom made e-juices, and add features to it that you cannot find on regular vaping kits. Some of the features that can be found on mods made by avid vapers include battery power display, power level controls, and buildable atomizers.