Various health benefits of lavandin oil

Everyone will have a garden in their home and they will fill it with different plants. Most of the people prefer plants which are giving fragrant flowers. Those plants will fill the garden with their aroma. When it comes to aromatic blossoms, everyone will think about the lavender. But it is not possible to have those plants in the garden because it will grow only in particular places. There is another plant named lavandin and it comes from the family of lavender. It will have the similarities of the lavender but it is not known by the people. One of the essential oils named lavandin oil is produced from this plant.

What is lavandin oil?

The lavandin is a hybrid variety and it was developed in the period of 18th century and the lavandin oil is extracted from this hybrid plant. The oil is initially used in the process of manufacturing perfumes, soaps and other products related to hygiene. The lavandin plant and oil is produced largely in the country France. When compared to the original lavender products, the lavandin oil is very cheap. Unlike the lavender, the lavandin will grow in any place and it will sustain in any climatic conditions. It is found that the lavandin oil can be used for 167 medical purposes. The oil includes various characteristics that are helpful in different things.

What are the benefits in lavandin oil?

The lavandin oil includes chemical components such as camphor, camphene, lavandulol, cineole, linalyl, acetate, linalool, limonene, caryophyllene, terpinene, ocimene and dipentene. Using this oil can provide many benefits to the people and some of the health advantages that can be obtained are given below.

  • This is used as an anti depressant and the presence of camphor, acetate and linalyl will stimulate the attributes which are related to the heart and mind in many ways. It has the ability to boost up the confidence, hope, self esteem, and mental strength. This oil is generally used to reduce the anxiety of the patients in the time of surgery.
  • The oil has the property of antiseptic and it can able to prevent the wounds from getting septic. Also it will be used after the ceasarian delivery and surgeries to avoid infection.
  • Since the oil has includes analgesic property, it can reduce the inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints. It can also be used for the issues like headaches, toothaches and viral infections such as influenza, cough, cold, pox and fever.
  • Usage of this oil will remove the marks and scars occurred in any injury or surgery. A skin care lotion can be prepared by combining this lavandin oil with the olive oil. It will act well in clearing blemishes, dry skin and sluggishness. Similarly it will improve the natural glow of the skin.
  • The oil has the expectorant characteristic and it will remove the phlegm and cough present in the respiratory tracts. In the same way, it can be used for the problems of bronchitis, pharynx and nasal tract.

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