What Is The Diabetes Symptoms ?

Diabetes strikes when the body can’t produce insulin or insulin doesn’t work well. People who suffer diabetes often have common diabetes symptoms like thirsty and many drink, hungry and many eat, weight loss, the body weakness, need long time to heal, easy infection of the skin, easy sleepy.

There are two main types of diabetes: Diabetes type 1 is the Condition when the body can’t produce insulin hormone at all. So the patient must use insulin injection to regulating her / his blood sugar every month.  Sometimes patients of diabetes type 1 are children and teenagers. The diabetes type 2 where the body couldn’t produce increase insulin hormone in other mean is the insulin hormone can’t use well. Usually the age of this diabetics is 40 years old, fat and have diabetes history from their family.

Diabetes is caused by many things, for example unhealthy lifestyle such us unhealthy foods menu like too much eating sweet meals, greasy foods, and soft drink. Lazy to exercising, less sleep, stress, virus, and have diabetes history from family. To reduce risk of diabetes we should have healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, exercising daily, have enough time to rest, and avoid stress. For diabetes patients, must controlling their blood sugar levels to still normally or not excessive.

For alternate, people who suffer diabetes can use low calorie sugar. Low calorie sugar gives patients choice to help their diabetics. The survei of Calorie Control Council stay in healthy condition and better for overall. Benefits include low calorie sugar are: low calorie sugar has sweeter taste than regular sugar. The means little low calorie sugar helps large of regular sugar, Not damage the teeth, and the last is Low calorie sugar not influence for the insulin response, help low calorie diet with more healthy life style, and safe your health.

Not only that, the American Diabetes Association report that low calorie sweeteners help you who suffer diabetes to reduce calories and more healthy to food plan.